ICM Power Solution
ICM Power Solution  provides innovative expertise and accelerates local solar markets. We remove barriers, ensuring a long term, sustainable solar industry.
Bringing together industry and the public sector, ICM drives the growth of solar energy at the state and local level.
We focus on results; our efforts provide best practices and implementation standards that make mass adoption of solar a reality.

GO Green

ICM commits to meet the human demand for green energy, providing renewable solutions and products to domestic – middle east customers has become our responsibility. In the past, ICM has built numbers of successful projects, such as the solar pumping desert highway CAIRO-ALEXANDRIA irrigation system in SADAT AREA , 1st solar pumping drip irrigation system for desert in EGYPT, our territory of Egypt , Middle East and Africa are the most reach territory of the world with the irradiation . and most of these countries are the poorest suffer from the power sourcing problems . while Global prices goes up Every Day .




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