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  Public Health
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Public Health
Agricultural Pesticies
Products For Export
Category Product Name Description Target
  Dilazin Diazinon Flees - Larva Fly
  Bristiban Chlorpyrifos Ethyl Crawling Insects -Flees Adult Fly-
Fog-ULV-Larva Fly
  Lurdan Chlorpyrifos Methyl Crawling Insects -Flees Adult Fly-
Fog-ULV-Larva Fly
  Malathion Malathion Adult Fly - Larva Musquito-scorpions-Fog-ULV
  Pound Actailic Pirimiphos Methyl Adult Fly - Larva Musquito
  Temphos Super Temphos Larva musquito
  kadeltathrin Deltamethrin Betaseflothrin-Adult  Musquito
  Bullock Beta-Cyfluthrin Adultfly
  Torbid Lambada Cyhalothrin Adult  Musquito - ULV -Fog -Adult Fly
  Torbini plus Lambada Cyhalothrin Flees
  Shery Rat Coumatatrailyl (Bait) multi-dose
  Golden Powder Diphacinone (Powder) multi-dose
  Power Powder Coumatetraiyl (Powder) multi-dose
  Bay Bay Rat Bromadilone (Bait-Wax-Corn) multi-dose
  Farmat Brodifacoum (Corn) single dose
  Rody Diad Difecilone (Corn-Wax-Belts) single dose
Growth Regulator
  Nayler Pyriproxfen Larva of Flies-Mosquitoes, Fleas Larvae
  Astonix Diflubenzuron Mosquito Larva - Larvae of Flies
  Trigard Cyromazine Larva of flies
Toxic Baits
  Egyconer bait Imidacloprid -Kerosene
Imidacloprid-Material attractive
Adult flies
Insects crawling
  Carb Back Bindio Carb Adult Mosquitoes - Fleas
  BindioBack Bindio Carb Scorpions
  Agninque MMF hydroxy (2EO) Mosquito Larva
  ICM Lucide Niclozamide Anti-bilharzia snails