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Agricultural Pesticies
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Product Name Common Name Dsecription Target
  Shardzan 48% SL Bentazone Wide leaf weeds Rice
  Nanj up 48% SL Glyphosat Iso propyl-Amonium Annual and pre annual weeds Graps
  Target 24% EC Oxydluorfen Annual Citrus
  Ecelite 6.9% EW Fenoxaprop- p-ethyl Grass grassy Yearbook
  Omega 33% EC Pendimethalin Broad and narrow grass leaves
  Top 15% WP Clodinafop propargyl Grass grassy Yearbook Wheat
  Cozar 20% SL Acetamiprid Aphid Cucamber
  Vitoate 40% EC Dimethoate Fruity Fly Mango
  ActLim 1.9% EC Emomectin Benzoote Cotton Leaf Worm Tomato
  Ecab 10% GR Ethoprophos Bloody Worm Rice
  Nanjet 90% SP Methomyl Cotton Leaf Worm Tomato
  Fastiric plus 3.6% EC Abamectin Mites Straweberry
  Nanjbrid 20% SP Acetomiprid Cucumber Aphids
  Fastric 1.8% EC
Mites Tomato
  Rangler 15% SC
Mites Pea
  Essilim 5%
Emamectin Benzoate
Cabbage Spodoptera littoralis
  Matcin 5% EC lufenuron Aphids Spodoptera littoralis
  Qwinsin 70% WP
Thiophonate methyl
Powdry Mildew Graps
  Azoshy 24% SC Azoxy Strobin Downy Mildew Cucamber
  Nanjzim 50% WP Carbendazim Powder Mildew Graps
  Nanj Axil 72% WP Mancozeb + Metalaxyle Downy Mildew Cucamber
  Fungi Manco 80% WP Mancozeb Early blight Tomato
  Anterpol 70% WP Propineb Early blight Tomato
  Buch 40% EC Flusilazole Yellow rust Wheat
  `Kingstar up 32%SC Azoxystrobin+propiconazole Downy Mildew Onion
  Gopaz 10% EC Penconazole Powdry Mildew Pea
  Magestic 55.16 SC
Powdry Mildew Mango
  Mirage Sulphur 80% WG
Powdry Mildew Graps
  Impratour Sulphur 80% WG
Mildew Mango
  Devioxi 85%WP
Copper oxychloride
Downy Mildew Graps
  Koprasol 84% WP
Copper oxychloride
Downy Mildew Graps
  Essenit 80% WP Fosetyl Aluminum Gumosis Citrus